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About Us

Freak Lunchbox was founded in 2001 in historic downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Freak is an iconic landmark inspired by circus sideshows, roadside attractions and of course candy!  For nearly twenty years we have been embraced and loved by both locals and visitors alike.  Word on the street is that Freak Lunchbox may just be the best little candy store in Canada!

The talk of the town

Have been going here for 20 years, and the quality and freshness of the candy has never declined, and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff has also remained unflagging. It's also great how long the hours are, so you can get a late-night treat or gift.


If you want candy, In here you must go! You can tell by looking at the photos, this place is funky. Its like an eye spy book up on here. They have any and all the candy's anyone can ask for. Pay by weight. Fun fun fun. Plus freak Lunchbox has all these strange, hard to find anywhere else, toys for kids and kids at heart.


"This Store is The Bomb!!!!"

Rob Lowe