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Based in Halifax NS, we offer various gift boxes of your favourite candy and confections available for pickup and delivery right to your door! Browse our top picks and be inspired to give the gift of sweetness today!

*Customers should be aware that we DO NOT recommend shipping Chocolate boxes outside of Nova Scotia in warm weather and CANNOT guarantee their condition once shipped. For local shipping, Cool Packs and Cool Shield wrap will be used as a precaution.

Chocolate Box

gift baskets in halifax

Specialty and hard-to-find chocolates from the UK, US, Germany & Japan! Learn more about our chocolate box.

Retro Box

Gift Baskets Halifax, Retro Box by Freak Lunchbox

A veritable blast from the past! Take a super fun trip down memory lane and indulge in the sweets of your youth! Learn more about our retro box.

Kids Box

Kids Box by Freak Lunchbox, Gift Baskets Halifax

For the young and young at heart! This gift basket is perfect for birthdays! It's filled with candy that pops, fizzes and squishes, all the things kids love. Learn more about our kids box.

Sweet Box

Sweet Box by Freak Lunchbox, Gift Baskets Halifax

Want to give someone special a sweet gift basket? Classic and customizable! Tailored to any age, taste or occasion! Just let us know. *By default, we pack this box as a "Best of" Freak collection of everything sweet. Learn more about our sweet box.

Sour Box

Sour Box by Freak Lunchbox, Gift Baskets Halifax NS

Get ready to pucker up, this box is all sour unless you tell us otherwise! Face-pulls and dares guaranteed! Learn more about our sour box.

Gummy Box

Gummy Box by Freak Lunchbox, Gift Baskets Halifax

A classic gift basket including all things squishy and delicious for the gummy aficionado! Learn more about our gummy box.

Gift Baskets in Halifax NS

Our gift boxes are the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it's to celebrate a birthday, a graduation, and everything in between! The perfect assortment of your favourite goodies is ready to order!

*Gift boxes will not appear exactly as the product image. Gift boxes will vary depending on price point and selection at the time of order.